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Premium Finance Assistance for Agencies

Are You Happy with Your Current Premium Finance Company?

Premium Financing is an important tool for many agencies A good finance company will help you write more business AND help you to keep your existing business on the books.

Does the Premium Finance Company that you use provide the following services:

  • Call Your Customers Before they Cancel?

  • Provide Holds if Your Customer Needs Additional Time to Make a Payment

  • Provide Payment Options Like Recurring Credit Card 

  • Respond to Special Requests like Lower Down Payments in minutes?

  • Provide a good Referral Fee structure that allows you to earn revenue from the premium finance agreements you refer ( see more below)

We have relationships with several premium finance companies and can refer you to the one that best fits your needs.

Maximize Premium Finance Revenue 

Many insurance agencies derive substantial revenue from the financing of insurance premiums as most finance companies pay agencies a Referral Fee for finance contracts that are submitted to them. Agencies perform considerable work on behalf of premium finance companies. Are you receiving the appropriate compensation for finance contracts that you generate?  

The amount of a Referral Fee can vary greatly between finance companies 

Many finance companies have several marketing fee programs available to agencies doing business with them. The calculation of fees may not be as straight forward as an agency thinks. It is important that an agency is educated in the calculation of marketing fees in order to provide for their maximization. 

Premium Finance Consulting LLC has relationships with a number of insurance premium finance companies that can provide a high level of service as well as attractive Referral Fee plans. 


Thank You.

Please call us at 408-800-3876 for further information. 

Thank You. We will contact you shortly regarding maximizing your premium finance referral fees.

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