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We are a consulting firm focusing on Insurance Premium Financing.

We Speak Insurance Premium Financing

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PaPast Projects:
  • spearheaded the design and implementation of a new premium finance website with great usability features for insurance agents

  • review write-offs to determine if more funds are recoverable

  • assist with creation and setup of new finance company

  • design and development of iPhone and Android apps

  • development of fraud prevention and detection procedures

  • creation of quote approval procedures and guidelines

  • design of segment profitability analysis

  • streamline of preparation of monthly agency commission reports

Premium Finance Consulting, LLC specializes in insurance premium financing consulting. Our founder, David Raymond, has more than 25 years of experience in the premium finance industry. Mr. Raymond has worked in various capacities, from co-founding his own premium finance company, to working in capacities such as CFO, COO, President, and now as a consultant.


Premium Finance Companies
  • Review Bad Debts and Recommend Ways to Reduce them.

  • Review and Create Audit Procedures and Exception Reporting

  • Profit Maximization

  • Review Current Procedures such as:

  • - Appointment requirements for new agents

  • - Underwriting guidelines for new loans including which loans are approved automatically on your quoting platform and which require intervention​.

  • - Loan funding procedures​ - how are loans funded and who approves funding; pre-funding verifications​.

  • - Post Funding Verification procedures

  • - Cancellation Procedures

  • - Reinstatements​

Risk Factors: As in any loan business, there are a number of risks in the premium finance industry. Risks include: default by borrowers on their finance loan, financing of policies that do not provide sufficient unearned premium in the event of cancellation, insurance company insolvency, issues with agencies, etc. As with any industry, the correct underwriting guidelines, company policies, controls and management reporting systems need to be in place to help to prevent or minimize any losses that may occur.

Insurance Agencies

Maximize Premium Finance Revenue

Many insurance agencies derive substantial revenue from the financing of insurance premiums as most finance companies pay agencies a Referral Fee for finance contracts that are submitted to them. Agencies perform considerable work on behalf of premium finance companies. Are you receiving the appropriate compensation for finance contracts that you generate? The amount of a Referral Fee can vary greatly between finance companies.

Many finance companies have several marketing fee programs available to agencies doing business with them. The calculation of fees may not be as straight forward as an agency thinks. It is important that an agency is educated in the calculation of marketing fees in order to provide for their maximization.

Are you large enough for a profit-sharing plan? If you have sizeable volume, premium finance companies may enter into a profit-sharing plan whereby your agency earns a portion of the profits generated from referred finance agreements

Should you start your own finance company? Some existing premium finance companies have programs where they will operate your premium finance company for you, and may even provide the necessary capital. This option is usually available for entities generating a sizable amount of premium finance volume.

MGA's / Wholesalers
  • Many MGA’s or Wholesalers receive referral fees based upon finance agreements referred to a premium finance company

  • MGA’s and Wholesalers are more frequently participating in premium finance profits – sometimes an MGA enters into a marketing arrangement with a premium finance company. This may include recommending a certain finance company to their agents or an MGA may even include a completed finance agreement to an agent along with each quote.

We’re at your service.

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two people sitting at a table with laptops